Welcoming Marco Magro as Senior Product Designer at Aragon Labs

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Aragon Labs is pleased to announce that Marco Magro has been appointed as Senior Product Designer. He will be responsible for product and graphic design for Vocdoni, as well as contributing to the cross-functional design system.

Marco began playing with graphic design tools at a young age. In 2008 he entered an Informatics Engineering course in Coimbra, Portugal, focusing on the web & multimedia space as well as helping two friends to found a tech startup focused on online gaming products. This led to a strong interest in product management, so three years later he switched to a business management school.

As the industry progressed into the smartphone era, Marco returned to his roots, developing a strong passion for design and in 2015 decided to focus full time on freelance UI/UX and product design. From then on he had the opportunity to collaborate with multiple startups and design agencies (B2B and B2C), which gave him considerable experience and knowledge of how to concept and design digital products from scratch and ship them to market.

This year I started learning and investing in the crypto space and recently had this fantastic opportunity to join the Vocdoni team at Aragon and to put my skills and effort to good use in pursuit of this mission. I believe that voting can have a deep impact on the current world, which is falling apart in so many ways, and I truly believe that we can give “power to the people” with our transparent voting solution.

Outside of work, I’m a gastronomy lover: I love to cook, learn about and try food from all over the world. I’m also passionate about animals, and for a few years now I have not been able to turn away from abandoned and injured animals, so often I help associations to shelter some in need. So far, I have adopted three cats and a dog. I’m also an occasional landscape and astrophotographer, trying to capture the beauty of nature.” – Marco Magro, Senior Product Designer at Aragon Labs.

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