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Top 5 cryptocurrencies to watch this week: BTC, SHIB, MATIC, ATOM, APE

Traders are taking a hands-off approach to Bitcoin and altcoins until BTC successfully flips the $20,000 level back to support.

Crypto’s ongoing crisis is an opportunity for realignment

The value and reputation of the crypto market took a nosedive this May. Its recovery is a chance to fix both.

Celsius denies allegations of Alex Mashinsky trying to flee US

Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky didn't try to leave the U.S. last week but has continued to work on recovering liquidity and operations, the company claimed.

Ethereum average gas fee falls down to $1.57, the lowest since 2020

For nearly two years, between Jan. 2021 and May 2022, the average gas fee required by the Ethereum network was roughly $40, with May 1,...

Crema Finance shuts liquidity protocol on Solana amid hack investigation

While awaiting Crema Finance’s report on the situation, the Crypto Twitter community took it to themselves to track down the hacker’s wallet and better understand...

KuCoin CEO slams insolvency rumors citing “no plan to halt withdrawal”

Rumors linked KuCoin’s intent to stop withdrawals with the Terra (LUNA) and the 3AC collapse, which according to the warnings, led to “immense suffer” for...

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The Liquidity Crisis of 2022: Which Crypto Companies Are Most at Risk?

Over the course of May and June, Bitcoin prices plummeted from above $39,000 to below $18,000. As result, many crypto companies have begun to face...

Hashing24: Bitcoin Cloud Based Mining Is on the Rise

Why does Bitcoin Cloud Mining Attract So Much Attention? The cost of mining hardware rigs, maintenance, software upgrading and updating, colossal utility bills, etc. pose...

Mining City Reviews What Happens When Bitcoins Are Lost

There are only 21 million Bitcoin coins to begin with and losing a couple million of those can feel like a waste.  If it is...

DeCommas: The Best Set of Tools for Making Money on Crypto

DeCommas is a derivative of the famous 3Commas service. In essence, it is a unique crypto portfolio manager that gives traders and investors access to...

How Dogecoin Volatility Can Help Traders Turn a Profit

Dogecoin volatility can often benefit traders who trade DOGE. Due to its quick transactions, e-money of this type is famous on the market. It's a...

Bitcoin Leads the Crypto Recovery Bounce, COMP, MATIC, SAND, Jun. 27

BTC The price of Bitcoin was 8% higher this week as the cryptocurrency market attempted to mount a recovery.  Recent selling pressure has receded with...

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